Villa Elevator

Glarie villa lift strives to create the best villa life experience all the time, makes your villa life more valuable by intelligent technology revolution, human lift design and artwork design pursuit.

Glarie’s smartphone service system

By using the Internet of Things technology, Glarie villa lift realizes the high efficient linkage among monitoring platform, customer service team, maintenance team, build up the strong elevator safety barrier, perfectly realizes the fully customized high end safety service.

Glarie App

Glarie App also has the 7*24 hours full-time function through the mobile phone app. You can see the real-time situation inside the cabin, so you can protect your family every moment.

A key dial

Glarie villa lift is equipped with a key dial function according to your settings. Starting a key dial smart mode will dial the calls one by one based on your settings.

Intelligent fresh air system

You can choose the additional equipment of intelligent fresh air system to keep the air fresh at every moment inside your cabin! Take care of the breath of your family every time.

Infrared body induction function

When infrared induction of human body monitors that passengers have been kept in the home lift for more than 5 minutes, the system will take the initiative to alarm. Ensure the passenger’s emergency is found in time and keep your family safe at any time.

Enjoy quiet life

Glarie villa lift is equipped with the roller guide shoes and silent contractor, so that every time a ride will be an excellent experience of enjoy the “quiet”.