Passenger Elevator

Accurate control, deduce comfortableness and art of elevator

VVVF split control system

German intelligent controller with independent patent technology realizes concise structure and high reliability;
Distract controllers realize calling landing, instruction and display and heavily relieve load of the master controller and raise its efficiency;
Brand new noise control technology effectively reduces running noise and facilitates the elevator to work silently and stably.

Permanent magnet synchronous traction system

UVW type feedback encoder with high resolution and low-harmonic-wave-traction system with high performance enable the elevator to work silently and comfortably;
Advanced gearless design avoids torsional vibration and wastage caused by gear effectively and realizes low noise and high effiency;
Inner stator and rotor realizes free change of airgap and stable performance;
German ultra-silent, brake adopts imported noise reduction components, avoid airgap adjustment and makes low noise in actuation and release.

Accurate position control system

Equipped with advanced sensor, the system cn transfer accurate and instant signal feedback of motor rotor’s running status, locate the car accurately and enable passanger to ride stably comfortably.

Wholehearted care deduces safety art of elevator

Infrared curtain protection system

An invisible dense curtain protecting net at the entrance can detect persons or things on the detection plane and make sensitive response to protect passengers, especially the aged, children and people with moving obstacles.

Automatic Parking Function

In case of breakdown and parking not at the door, the system will start automatic parking function and open the door when the car runs to the middle floor so as to ensure passenger safety.

Intelligent residence monitoring system

Intelligent residence monitoring system of GLARIE elevator connects the control system and the monitoring through the communication bus to monitor the elevator’s running status and shoot troubles timely.

Intelligence – Intelligent running, high-efficient experience

Intelligent group control manage system

By centralized control to multi elevators, this system will allocate elevator response rationally and dispatch the most suitable car to each landing. Ensure passenger to enjoy the timely service in any case.

Full computer intelligent control system

This system uses high-performance double-32 bit microcomputer processing chip, realizes multi-Microcomputer, modularization, network control and improves data processing time.
Intelligent microcomputer module built-in system combines fuzzy logic serial communication technology to achieve fast information transmission, improve the system scheduling and operation rate further, and make elevator performance more excellent.

Comfort – enjoy smooth and pleasant trip

High-end door-motor system

The advanced VVVF control technology applies to the door-motor system, makes door starting, speeding up, braking curves smooth and fluent. Being comfort to passengers by quiet switches.