Glarie Freight Elevator

Glarie freight series products not only absorbed German advanced freight elevator manufacturing technology, but also picked the high-strength car material. They can be qualified in all kinds of logistics transport mission easily, and to be your right-hand man in transport work.

High-strength and durable, wide opening door

Solid and durable car is made of high-strength material. The highest load could reach 5000 KG with specially designed car batholith.
We adopt multi fold car structure, which opening door size and car have same width. It is convenient for free access of goods, meets the demand of forklift transportation, and improves transport efficiency.

Constant moment of force, excellent operation

No matter how much freight elevator load, the operating speed, levelling precision and comfortable sensation will never be affected by its constant moment of force.

Super load, brilliant performance

Stable and reliable product performance inherits German rigorous practical essence.