The flowing beautiful scene accompanies you in your travel

Glarie escalator series fully apply the novelty materials, the advanced technology both at home and abroad for design and manufacture according to the current Chinese and international standards. It features smooth running, low noise, durability, and convenience repair. It is widely applicable for large passenger flow areas such as the shopping center, supermarket, subway, airport, and so on. It adds a flowing scene in modern building. Meanwhile, it provides the passengers with safe, fine, exquisite, and comfortable travel enjoyment.

  • The step directly and exquisitely links with transmission chain. It brings about the smoother and more peaceful running. It prolongs the escalator service life with the more convenient maintenance.
  • Unique rectangular pipe structure and the strong loading capacity greatly enhance the stable GLARIE escalator running. Meanwhile, it features a thorough antiseptic treatment, fine effect, and long life.
  • Large roller handrail drive brings the smooth GLARIE escalator running, low noise, and large driving force. It improves the handrail running conditions and prolong the escalator life.
  • The skirting and inner/outer cover plates applied stainless steel in making. It is more deluxe in outlook. Multiple designs appear elegant and beautiful. It is strong in 3D sense.