Panoramic Elevator

GLARIE observation series products fuse German modem aesthetics, advanced technology and art concept. Make it better from appearance design and internal performance, and to be preferred vertical transportation solution for widely use of shopping mall, hotels, tourist center and other sightseeing places.

Beauty – artistic treasures

If architecture is the city fairy, GLARIE observation elevator will be a dazzling pearl above the city. Whether in sunny afternoon or evening falls, the elegant GLARIE observation elevator will let you eyebrows.
Up and down alternately, light flows, it’s so different, so unusual.

Leisure – noble style

When you touch hall buttons softly, you will feel the passion and charm from GLARIE observation elevator. Enjoy VIP treatment and bring good mood between up and down.

Comfort – mind vision

Full transparent car, enjoy horizon with unlimited, have a commanding view of beauty.

Superexcellent height and angle of observation, let you hold a panoramic view without looking for it.

Looking up at clouds scud across with comfort and pleasure.