Symax Stairlift



+ Pinion and rack system
+ User-friendly operating system, suitable for all groups of people
+ provides you a safe and smooth ride by simply pressing a button
+ Chair stops running automatically when destinations are reached
+ Energy saving with only 0.35kw energy consumption
+ Driven by DC battery, quiet operation

Track System:

+ “Double track system”, more reliable and easy to install
+ Short turning radius, adaptable for most curved staircase
+ Perfect combination of comfortable rotating chair and drive system

Operating System:

+ Simply operating the moving button installed on armrest
+ Operated by wireless remote control at any location on track


•Foldable armrests, seat, and pedal
•Automatic swivel chair at top floor (optional)
•Automatic charge
•Indicators for battery and operation status
•Safety sensors on all directions
•Infrared or radio remote controls
•To memorize the operation data automatically
•Protect unauthorized operation by key lock
•Manual winding handle
•Protect for abnormal operation
•Continue operating by power failure

Technical Specifications

•Speed: 20 fpm ~ 30 fpm (0.1 m/s ~ 0.15 m/s)
•Operation area: Indoor/Outdoor
•Power supply: 110V/220V
•Power: 0.47 hp (0.35 kw)
•Width (operation): 25.6” (650mm)
•Width (folded): 13.8” (350mm)
•Seat color: optional
•Seat height: 41” (1041mm)
•Min distance to wall: 4.3” (110mm)
•Max travel height: 39’~49’ (12m ~ 15m)
•Max moving distance: 98’ (30m)
•Max stair angle: 52°


•One day installation, quick and easy
•Keep existing building structure unchanged
•Need only 10 minutes for a fast learning process

U+ Design and Customization
Customized design stairlift to meet all specific situations.
Extended and turned to safe stop area according to the stairs layout.

Optional features available by user request:
•Seat color
•Automatic swivel seat
•Automatic foldable pedal